Kostroma today

Population and location

Kostroma is one of the oldest Russian cities and now administrative, cultural and industrial centre of Kostroma Region. The city is located 330 km to North-East from Moscow on the confluence of the Volga and Kostroma rivers. The population of Kostroma is about 270 thousand people. It has a high industrial potential and developed transportation system.


Kostroma has more than a eight-century history. The city was founded in 1152 by prince Jury Dolgoruki. Until the middle of 16th century it was a fortress on the left bank of the Volga and several times took up impacts of Russia’s enemies. In 1613 in Kostroma Mikhail Romanov was elected the Tsar of Russia. In the middle of 17th century Kostroma became on size and value the fourth city after Moscow, Yaroslavl and Kazan. At the beginning of 19th century province Kostroma took the second place in Russia on manufacturing of linen products and unconditionally took priority over their export abroad. 

Economy and industry

In the past Kostroma held one of the first places in Russia for the number of flax manufactories. It’s been a traditional centre of textile industry and jewelry art. And the city still proudly holds this position. At the same time Kostroma reveals itself in totally different areas, as an industrial city of new directions - machine building and metal industry, electronics and tool-making, furniture and light industries, power engineering, wood-processing, forest, jewelry industries.


Kostroma has a high scientific and educational potential. There are higher education institutions such as Kostroma State University, State Technological University, State Agricultural Academy, ABC-Protection Military Academy in the city. Some university faculties from other cities are presented in Kostroma. There are technical schools, colleges, technical training colleges in Kostroma. 

International relations

Our city has extensive connections with municipalities abroad. Twinned relations are established with the County Durham in Great Britain, the Land Northern Rhine - Westfalia (Germany), with the cities Hyvinkää (Finland), Samokov (Bulgaria), Cetinje (Montenegro), Durham (North Carolina, USA), Dole (France), Aachen (Germany), Piotrków Trybunalski (Poland), Ochamchira (Abkhazia), Rovno (Ukraine), Bobruisk (Belorussia), Soroki (Moldavia), Sanmenxia (China), Bari (Italy).